adults feel unsafe at the supermarkets

Which supermarket do shoppers feel safest in?

16 March 2021

After the outbreak, supermarkets have invested millions of pounds on coronavirus prevention initiatives, but some are doing a better job than others in making customers feel healthy. When it comes to grocery shopping right now, perspex screens, floor markers, and masks are all normal. Despite these safeguards, according to a recent Which? study, one quarter (26%) of people in the UK have felt insecure when shopping at the supermarket during the ongoing lockdown. Despite the fact that every grocery chain has taken similar measures to avoid the spread of coronavirus in their stores, our survey showed that consumers believe some stores are better than others. In this article, we look at the supermarket chains people believe are the safest and least safe, as well as how safe people feel when shopping for groceries during lockdown.

Although supermarket safety measures may appear to be identical on the surface, there were some strong winners when Which? members were asked to score supermarket safety measures in-store. With 81 percent claiming the grocer’s COVID steps were decent or outstanding, Sainsbury’s came out on top. M&S (79%) and Waitrose (78%) came in second and last, respectively. Iceland and Lidl were at the bottom of the list, with just 66% of customers scoring them as decent or excellent.

Despite the fact that some supermarket chains performed worse than others, every chain earned a score of more than 50% in our survey, suggesting that respondents thought they were all safer than they were unsafe on balance. This does not, however, mean that people at the supermarket are unconcerned, as you can see in the next segment.

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